VST in Reason 9.5

Hello guys!

I know some of you are ableton users or logic, but what do you guys think about this amazing news?

I am so happy for this! Is there any reason user here?

I love Reason - but for production and sound design, didn’t finish any mix there… But it is so cool now to have all the VSTs there - synths, tape machines (Reason really missed those), eqs, compressors… I already have beta installed and it works pretty good (and UAD works well there). With 8 CV inputs per VST you can modulate lots of stuff. And with Reaktor and Softube Modular VSTs combined with Reason REs you can do so many crazy modular things, I’m really excited about this update!
It seems that with new investors they just started developing users most requested features: sample import for REs [done], VST support [done] - I’m wondering what’s next?

I don’t use Reason anymore but this is a huge update and I think it will get a lot more producers interested in the platform. In fact, I think I might check it out because I did like the workflow in Reason, mind I think the last time I updated was version 4…

I haven’t used Reason in years because of the lack of VST support. This has definitely peaked my interest though. Looking to forward to demoing when they release it…

So you can add any slate vst? I will have it until june :c hahaha

Like mike saids… They miss to ad a tape machine haha the only distortion unit was the scream 4 that it sound good for drums

Not just Slate… everything - UAD, Soundtoys, FabFilter… even Maschine and Reaktor.

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omg you have everything hahaha looks great finally I was waiting years for this