Understanding Convolution Reverb

Really trying to understand reverb on a more advanced level this week. I find it easier to work if I really understand what is happening rather than just flick through ‘stuff’ and stop when I like what I hear. Of course, the ultimate teacher of all things reverb is @Danny! but I thought this video would also help everyone, even if you don’t use Altiverb.

I have to admit, having bought it through recommendation and then being too busy to explore it, I was thinking ‘why have I spent £too much when I already have Valhalla etc’.Watching this video has explained all! However, as I said, I think it is a good explanation of convolution anyway for those without Altiverb. Go check it out…

I still have a lot to learn, but this was really useful for me.

I love the ‘placement’ function at 6.24 but it would mean having a separate reverb for each track which isn’t the way to go. I have an idea though. Same reverb setting on three reverb channels, move the placement front middle and back but always centre, then pan from the individual channel’s send. This should in theory get somewhere close… will try it.