Reverb - Best Practices

Okay, I just finished the reverb section in mixing foundations. I know more than I ever have before, but still need understanding.

When setting up reverb is it best to solo the instrument, then apply reverb? OR is it best to do the reverb during the playback of a track? Would love to hear from the mixing fam’. I’m looking forward to your replies.

Hey @TommyD1230 both really… Something that sounds good in solo might not sit well in a mix…
I typically look for a setting I like in the mix, do a little work in solo, and finish any clean up up back in the mix…

I think of solo as a place to make educated guesses and do surgical work, and the mix determining how good the ‘guesses’ were, if things need to be fine tuned some more, etc…


Wow, just a fabulous reply. Thanks for the wisdom.

My pleasure man. Reverb’s a tricksy one :wink:

agree 100% with @justinc comment, great advice!

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Thanks Paul! Appreciate it :slight_smile:

And @TommyD1230 you should check out The Art of Reverb once you’ve gotten comfortable with the foundations’ workflow. It’s nothing short of amazing!

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