UAD Luna

Just wondering if anyone has tried using LUNA. I am an Ableton user looking for a second DAW for mixing and mastering (even though they say it’s not a DAW). Since it is free I was thinking of having a go with it. Any thoughts?

From what I read it sounds great, just lacking in features. Worth a try for sure, my Mac is too old, so I am unable to try it myself.

Great question, because recently I was able to attain the Luna software for free (via an UAD special) when I upgraded to the Apollo Twin Windows version. But since I’m operating the Apollo Twin off the Windows PC and the Luna software only operates on a MAC, I’m not able to provide any beneficial details.

I hear and I’ve researched that Cubase Pro is great for Audio Mixing & Mastering, even though I currently operate off of Pro Tools.

I am using it as a “tape maschine”, i am recording with it, then exporting the stuff to logic which i am get used to. The recording capabilities of LUNA is extraordinary, worth trying it for anyone who can. For mixing it lacks lot of features, but it will be developed in time for sure.