Which DAW is less CPU heavy: Cubase or Studio One?

As I’m currently an Ableton user I have to admit it has it’s limitations when it comes to mixing aka. it’s time to try a different DAW.

From what I’ve read Cubase and Studio One are the ones to go for, but do you guys know which one is kinder to the cpu load? And how do they compare to Ableton in cpu usage?


lol let the battles begin…

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i dont use both of them, but it´s a long ongoing rumor, that cubase is quite cpu hungry.

as you didnt mention logic, i prosume that you´re not on the apple side of life?
for logic, i can say that with a decent hardware you shouldn´t run into problems with a normal big mix.

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I’m a DAWaholic and own and have used both … along with Pro Tools, Ableton and Logic.

The two most opened are Pro Tools and Cubase. For music creation it’s Cubase all the way with its deep midi and project arrangement tools. To be fair, I know it better than Studio One and since it always does everything I want, I haven’t dug into Studio One to the degree it probably deserves. As an aside, some of Cubase’s original developers are now the development team for Studio One.

But for straight recording and mixing I prefer Pro Tools for the simple fact that once you learn the key command short cuts you can do 98% of what you need without going to any sub-windows. Pro Tools Native now has VCAs and all the bussing you could wish for. Clip gain is an incredible tool for gain-staging your tracks and simple to use. Speed and depth of audio editing is why Pro Tools retains its place in studios despite all the dissing about lagging implementation of ‘innovative’ features introduced by other DAWs.


Hah Paul is right. This could start a DAW war. Ableton isn’t in the running at the moment for a DAW that can handle a big mix with external plugins.

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I had PT classes in college and Ableton will run circles around Pro-Tools for editing : )