Why use Cubase over Ableton - composer view

I have to admit some bias here in that it’s the only DAW I have done anything serious in, so I don’t have a ‘rounded’ view that I would have if I used Ableton too, but I love Cubase. There are things I would like improved (limited number of inserts for example) but overall, it is very intuitive and can be used for production, mixing and mastering. I think one of the keys is to really know your DAW, so,that it becomes invisible (not distracting from your workflow).

I see a lot of EDM tutorials in Cubase too so although he talks about orchestral, I use it for EDM.

Good find @mike.

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Same here… tried almost every DAW. But each serious project was made in Cubase.

I mainly use Live now, but to be honest I miss Cubase. I have used about every daw there is. Cubase was always my favorite. I just work way faster in Live.