New Macbook Pro

Hi there - quick question to all the Macbook Pro owners out there - I’m looking at this Macbook Pro and I’m wondering if this will handle all my needs:

  1. Cubase for Production

  2. Goove Agent for beats

  3. Halion 6 for Instruments

  4. Live performance using Mainstage 3

  5. Screen capture using OBS

–> I currently own an Appollo Firewire firewire card which I use on my PC, I might in the future purchase another sound card for this Macbook Pro, but I might not. I already have a converter plug that allows me to use the Appollo Firewire on Thunderbolt.

hey devoemusic. I have basically the same exact computer except mine came out in late 2015. I bought it new from apple. it is an amazing computer and multitasks extremely well. I produce in Ableton, Logic, & Studio One, run all NI, UAD, Waves, Serum, XLN, etc, etc… I have my sample library, including all vst librarys on an external hard drive and run them from there. my MBP handles it pretty well, but with that being said, I still have to freeze tracks as I work and make sure it doesn’t get hot. no matter what computer you get, when you use Danny’s workflow, you’ll have to freeze. unless you absolutely need the portability, I would go for a new IMAC. just a little more money than you want to spend on the above computer will get you so much more. I mean so much more. we all use laptops for producing and dj’ing and I have to have mine. I also DJ, and do a weekly radio show, so I’m locked in. but if I didn’t have to be mobile, I would definitely no question buy an IMAC instead. laptops are probably the worst production computers but we make do with what we have to. after all probably not alot of us have the finances for expensive desktops and laptops.

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We will use it mostly for production tasks such as drum programming and some synth work. I use my Power PC for recording/mixing/mastering in my upstairs home studio room.

I just wanted a portable system so we can sit in the living room and work on creative stuff… also we have 2 children, 16 and 10 years old. We like being on the same floor with the little guy as much as we can.

So all the track freezing and mixing will be done in the studio… a lot of the midi work will happen on the laptop downstairs… so it will work out great.

I just ordered the MacBook Pro today… I already have a MacBook Air which I love. So I think this will work out perfectly.

Thanks for your reply!