SubPac - Who is Using One Or Considering Buying One?

We had a great office hour this week with so many great songs. More and more people are talking about the SubPac and saying how they use it to really dial in their low end. I just picked up one over the holidays and have started using it. It would be great to hear if you are using it and what your opinion of it is and also your tips or techniques for using it. Do you use it all the time?

I don’t, but would be interested to hear people’s experiences with one.

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I have the M2 - and the hype is legit.

First thing I tried was mixing some bass with kick … sending the kick to an external trigger on a compressor (FAB-C) I put on the bass … and WOW you can feel the difference this technique makes for allowing the bass to duck and the kick to pierce through. Worth the purchase. I don’t mix with it all the time only when I am mixing the low end with a reference track (of course).


I’m rocking the S2 (upgraded from the S1) and it makes it possible for me to get my mixes sound system ready - in my apartment. I make jungle, drum and bass, and dubstep.

Most times, I only need a second listen on the sound system and then the mix is a home run. If I am unable to preview it on the system beforehand, the three or four band EQ available on the house mixer does the job for final touches.

It’s really quite amazing. At first I thought it would be like an oversized rumble pack, but there’s definition to it. You can feel the difference between the lowest notes in the octave between 30 and 60 hertz. The difference between kick and bass, how long you release is on the bass line, how well your side chained compressors for sub and kick sits in the pocket.

Like any other mixing tool, you need to get used to it. You need to listen to tons of professionally mastered tunes that you like, just like a set new of monitors.


Gee thanks guys, you are not helping. Now I want one!!

It is great to turn it on when you are working on the low end. I use it when I am producing the track to make dialing in a sound faster. Also during the mixing phase I use it to check the low end. Makes it easier to feel if the low in is clean and punching through.

I’m with ya man. I first tested them in LA when the developer was prototyping them. At the time I thought “cool but kinda gimmicky-y. Great for a back massage.” But as they developed it I really began to see the valuable use in it. After several mentors said they used it all the time I decided to get one. Not sorry I did at all!