Thoughts on the SubPac S2?

Hey Guys,

I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about the SubPac S2:

Basically it allows you to “feel” sub frequencies.

Was wondering if anyone has it and if so, has it been a worthy investment?

Here’s my 5 cents;
I sat down on a chair with it once listening to techno. It was cool, but not worth my investment. My friend says he loves it, because it’s like being at the club.
Just like some theaters have the option for D-Box chairs to feel like you’re in the movie. I didn’t feel I was in a club. I somewhat felt the resemblance, but to me I need the ambience too… also, all clubs sound different.

Interesting hmm okay. Yah I really would like to try it before I consider buying it. My friends have been saying it really helps with mixing the low-end since is reproduces 1hz - 200hz.

I also thought about trying them. I mean maybe they are good if you compare your Subs with the Subs of a reference track. That way you wouldnt compare the Sound but the Feeling. Sounds cool to me :smiley: