Subpac s2 on sale!

We have been talking about the Subpac in NLS Classes, Forums and User groups. The Subpac S2 is now on sale for $199 (limited quantities).

Hi Scott!

How does it work? Do you recommend it?

Which one would you recommend a subpac or subwoofer?

I would like to get the subpac rather than subwoofer because of neighbours but can it replace a subwoofer?


Hey Timo!
I first tested it in Beta a few years ago In LA. I was skeptical. At that point, I saw it as a novelty and more of a vibrating back massager. lol. But now I think it is a game changer. It helps me “feel” the kick and sub and bass. If they are distinct vibrations I know my low end is good. If they are “blurry” or running together I know I have work to do. I have a subwoofer as well. But the subpac helps me get the low end dialed in for club play. Do they replace a subwoofer? I can’t say for sure as I am on the road and my sub is back home. I will know that next month. But I would say if you have neighbors then for sure, the subpac is the way to go.

It is also good for use on the road with headphones or monitors. I have mine dialed in with the headphone jack on my audio interface so there is no latency. I can use monitors or headphones and still feel what the sub is doing. One of my mentors said the chair model is better for him and I agree. I am much more apt to work in a chair than wander around with a backpack. It is very comfortable as well.

Hey Scott!

Thanks for your reply! It was really helpful.

I think I’m going to try out the Subpac and see if I like it… (Thomann has 30 days moneyback guarantee)

Thanks for sharing and giving me this idea to buy more gear which I don’t want to do! Haha


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