Sub-Bass Chain

Hey Guys,

I just wanted to share my recent Sub-Bass Chain that i’ve used for the tracks in the upcoming EP. Sticking to our good ol’ MMW lineup with some beefy additions. If anybody has any recommendations or thoughts, drop a line!

Virus TI Sub (I never use anything else)
Bx Stereo Maker (if mono)
UAD SSL Channel Trip
UAD Studer A800
Sound toys Decapitator
Isotope Trash 2
UAD LA2A Silver
Pro Q
UAD Pultec EQP 1A
UAD Voice of God
UAD Subsynth
Pro C2
Alloy 2 Transient Design
Ozone 7 Imager
UAD Harrison
Pro L

90% of the time I’m in Logic when I create. Do have to say Ableton is inherently hushed, which is applicable for downtempo progressive, tech, ect.

Stereo Maker changes everything right off the bat. I usually mono from 50 hz.

Pultec EQ - Standard in adding it, do nothing. Just add’s to the sound.

VOG, self explaintory. She provides the extra harmonics to get that beefy resonance. (Don’t leave home with her)

Sub synth- Where have you been my whole life. Controls are pretty straight forward but just watch your inputs prior. The sub Harmonics/Synthesized Frequency, just be careful if you add to much of any of the 3 you end up with distortion and almost a tremolo effect. The metering is good because it shows when the harmonics become present, but trust your ears. The real winner is in the filter section (bottom right) there’s a “tight punch” this I feel takes everything you’ve done up till then and then adds some magic to it. The Subsynth is really what will make your sub “club compatible”. I was definitely a VOG dude for a long time but together they are best friends. Just like Decapitator an Trash 2.

With so much UAD going on, its always good to cut a couple db on anything prior or after.

I’d also like to mention, don’t try and use Pro Q before you have to. If used to early you’ll just lose.

I feel that with the chain it may look like over producing (guilty of) but each plugin when treated properly enhances the sound. Ultimately, you’ll be worlds ahead from where the sound initially started.

Have a great one!



wow man thats a huge list of plugins!

I wish I had the studder haha I will switch the limiter after the izotope trash 2 , once that you finish with all the

distortion , I tend to have problem sidechaining the sub bass in reason 9.5 , I see some guys use volume shaper but that is another subject! haha

Cable Guys Volume Shaper is actually really useful when you want the ‘pulsing’ even when the kick has gone. I also use it for more trance noise gate effects too!

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Would love to hear what this chain sounds like!