Studio Desk Furniture Alternative

An idea how to own a great studio desk without at an affordable price - think outside the box - think “Conference Table” perfect size, looks very professional and can handle the weight - fits 2 monitors, speakers, and other gear, you can also sit rackmount underneath it: 200 usd!

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Hi, that desk would be a bit too small for my needs :slight_smile: but it looks very nice.
I use 2 monitors and 2 speakers on the my desk - plus a keyboard and it all fits very nicely

oh okay well theres the big one but like 400 usd haha

I bought my desk at staples a few years back for 250 and it’s huge - it’s an office conference table…

I designed and built my desk for a fraction of the price, and it fits me better than the most expensive audio desk. I used 1" high quality mdf (manufactured compressed fiber board) and #1 grade straight pine 2x4’s, metal L brackets, and ripped the keyboard slider drawer off another cheap desk I had, and black spray paint. I’ll post pictures when I have some time to snap some. I think the desk cost me about $100. After pricing bass traps and refractor panels, and absorption panels, I decided to build my own, again for just a fraction of the price. actually here’s an older pic…

maybe not the best pic but you get the idea.

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Those are the latest 2 new makers of great studio desk, i did a big research less than a year ago and ended up with the desk from output as price was cheaper and fit my needs.

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