Choosing speaker for mixing

Hi everyone, can you suggest what is the best speaker for mixing. Thank you

Hi Hadoan

Try krk 8 generation 3 or instead the yamaha hs8 these one are the top choice in edm producers and both are cheap

If you have more budget the adam audio a77x are good but too expensive

Have a great day


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hadoan: It’s hard to tell without knowing a lot of details about your room. Any price limits?

thank you my friend, your suggestion is great

for me around £500 I think so, thank you

hey hadoan this is a great article that can be of help. pay special attention to the “How to Choose” section at the bottom. good stuff.


Hi Hadoan

I use Yamaha hs8 monitors and I like them. But I also use Sonarworks speaker calibration system to calibrate them because if your monitors are not properly set up and your room properly acousticly treated then no matter how good or expensive speakers you have you will not get the best results…

So my suggestion is that you get a good pair of monitors (in your price range) and the Sonarworks speaker calibration system to calibrate them. And then step by step acousticly treat your room and in every step re-calibrate with sonarworks.

Hope that helps!

Ps. Of course with all that said you still need to consider the size of your room, how you can place the speakers(do you want rear or front bass port) and what size of speakers would be optimal for your room etc. To get best results.

Hey @Timo, I have the HS5’s and I am literally just setting up system wide (Sonarworks) this morning. I also have recent 650’s with the individual calibration. my question is, do you think i would notice an improvement with the HS8’s in a small (10’x9’x7’6") room? i am frightened to but the HS8S in here due to the size and the almost perfect ‘cube’ shape. I have a lot of Acoustic Foam type squares and the corners are all covered. the four (wall) corners have bass traps floor to ceiling, but these again are the foam type, not real like carbon traps or anything fancy…

Speakers sit on isoacoustic platforms with tweeters at ear height and placed in an equilateral triangle with my listening spot. they are just over half way up the room height (4’ high).

I have tried to follow as much advice as poss.There is so much opinion about all this stuff and the problem is, unless you have two rooms next door to each other, making a direct comparison is difficult. I do also think a lot of it is about listening to plenty of reference tracks in YOUR room.

Hi Elton

Sounds like your room would be too small for the hs8s… Although Sonarworks could help.

My room is too small for hs8s but sonarworks helps alot.
I do most of my mixing in headphones (650s&sonarworks) and use hs8s for checking. I listen/check pretty “quiet” with “a lot of bass”. Just enough loud to hear all frequencies…
I like the Hs8s because I can hear the low frequencies with them and they sound open… I think anything smaller than 8" drivers can’t deliver good monitoring…

That being said I think you can get good results otherwise too if you know your room well and have good headphones

I work like this because I have to and I didn’t know better back then… So it is worth taking time to study these things before buying…

Embrace imperfection hehe…


Thank you my friend Timo

You’re welcome Hadoan!