Choosing some home Studio Monitors

Hey guys, how is your day going?
I’m writing because I’m buying some monitors and thought maybe you could have some advice to give. I am now about to make a decision between:
-EVE SC205 (total price 600 Euro)
-Focal Shape 50 (total price 900 Euro)
I know that is mostly about how they sound in the room where you put them and if it’s treated and how is treated. Maybe some of you know those monitors well and could help in the decision making.
If info about genre can be relevant then I would mostly use the monitor to produce RnB, Soul, HipHop, Pop, Funk music and for mixing it and master it (eventually).
If you have any advice that could help me to take a decision between those two models or any advice that could be helpful, I would be very very happy to hear.

Thank you console1 for the tips; listening to both of them there are differences are about width and low end:
the Focal Shape show a little more width with a little more clarity of instruments positions in space and on the low frequencies you can distinctly hear what the bass drum does and what the bass is doing. There is a lot of clarity.
The EVE also sounds great; on the bass frequencies they are more “fun”, meaning that you hear bass presence so feels good. Clarity on low frequencies is still very hi but little less than the Focal where you can really feel a lot of space and separateness of sounds.


Now I feel you; thank you for helping :smile: what you said was inspiring.

Have a beautiful day,