Summing Mixers?

So, who uses one? And, if you do, what are your thoughts?

I have seriously been considering picking one of these up for stem mastering and if I do end up venturing into mixing for that two.

I don’t believe it is a hype thing, analogue still does sound very smooth with great separation, imaging and three dimensionality.

I have been considering the following units:

Dangerous Music 2-Bus+ - Sweetwater

SPL MixDream - Sweetwater

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Hey @Paul, seen this one, but you are way ahead of me my friend. By the time I am ready for this, I am hoping UAD or Slate have taken even further steps forward! Especially at those prices. Can you hire this kind of ‘service’ in? I saw somewhere like a cloud version that basically you ran your mixes through physical hardware like this. Not sure how good or practical??

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That sounds interesting, I never heard of that. For me, I would want to have the hardware haha. Yeah I would love UAD to develop a nice summing mixer. Software is sounding so good these days.

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Hi Paul,
I have two summing mixers; SPL Mixdream XP and the Chandler Limited Mini Rack Mixer.
The SPL sounds more punchy, even a bit more mid I find. The Chandler has that expensive ‘big console’ sound with big lows and sweet highs. I tend to use the SPL more for dance productions and the Chandler when there’s more organic stuff (drums) in the arrangement.
Anyhow, summing out of the box DOES do everything you mentioned…
I recommend to try out a very simple test: sum a kick and a BD in the box, listen, then split them out of the box => more space, room, definition,…
I’m not saying ITB sounds bad, it just doesn’t sound the same.

Happy mixing ! :wink:

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