My Treadmill Studio

Hey guys, my names Lucas, I’m currently enrolled in the mixing foundation, NLMM, and NLMM 2 self study video courses. Anyways, It took me a long time to figure out how to do this right and I thought some of you would get a kick out of my set up…
I basically bought two on stage keyboard stands, and layered a bunch of cardboard boxes on top of each. One for my treadmill desk, and the other right in front to support my computer. This set up works very well without a treadmill too, as you can adjust the monitor stand and stack boxes accordingly. It beats buy a $1000 dollar studio desk, and I find it more practical for my workflow. Maybe this will spark a fitness revolution in the mixing community! :wink:


@lukeofguitar, this has to win the ‘most unique’ home studio setup award! Wish I could ‘mix’ my music and fitness. It would get me a lot of extra time in the studio!!

Haha thanks @Elton. I got tired of sitting and my back was starting to give me problems so decided to do do something about it!


Nice! That’s showing passion and creativity and not letting anything stop you :smile: Great work! :+1:

Thanks @Timo !..

My back hurts too…very novel idea u brought to fruition. Thank you for sharing. It looks like it was save the average audio engineer back pain and bucks.

no worries @jmfriedman !