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In this thread please share pictures of your room/studio so we can see it during the webinar, discuss it and give an advice on how you can improve it.

Wow, this looks great, I have claimed my seat!

My mastering room is too messy to upload pictues but here is my synth room :slight_smile:

OB-6, Prophet 6, Moog Sub 37, Elektron Analog Keys, Oberheim Two Voice Pro, MFB Dominion 1

NI Kontrol S88, MiniMoog Model D (reissue), Elektron Analog Rytm

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Wow! I knew you have Model D, but you also have amazing collection of other synths! Sub 37 is a really cool one! And I can see you have some spare space for more synths :slight_smile:

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Don’t say that I am trying to save up :laughing:

I love the Sub 37, it can be smooth or aggressive. I love it for PWM sounds.

ok…i want to hear a 5 minute masterpiece with nothing but analog synths and no quantization! (editing allowed, mixing and mastering required).


Here is my attic man-cave/studio :wink:

If you turn the other way there just a lot of boxes, mattress and general mess :slight_smile: We will be renovating the attic at some point, probably taking out this low ceiling so you get the high space up into the ridge of the roof. At that point I’d also like to do some basic acoustic treatment. Right now I only have some Aurelex Mopads under the speakers, although I guess all the boxes, bookshelves etc make for some sort of diffusion, and the mattress in the back corner might work as a bass trap :stuck_out_tongue:


Hi, I work at home at this room. Now I just have only curtains on the wall, behind my monitors, no bass traps in the room. What you can say about how i can make it better? What is the biggest issues you see?

Hee Michiel, haha that bookshelf that diffusion thing :smile: Well scattering yes, diffusion will need a little more I’m affraid. And some matresses can absorb quite some low mids to be honest, hook me up when you want to take some action, you’re from The Netherlands right? Like the attic vibe that’s how I started out!

The biggest issues would be the walls and ceiling, at the looks of it, it will sound hollow and roomy. Try to get overall absorbtion inside of the room, left, right and ceiling. And some low end absorption in the corners would help a lot! Cheers

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Yes I’m from Utrecht :slight_smile: When I get around to re-doing this attic I’ll be sure to set some budget aside for acoustics and contact you. Cheers!

Thanks, Thomas! I will try to do this in the future!

Any recommendations on this awkward space would be appreciated. Image 1 of 2

image 2 of 2

The room is approximately 8’ x 16’

Some pics of my room currently in production... 

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Front Wall and Ceiling during construction. (Front wall is a false wall of absorption 12 inches thick. Behind that is a second false wall with a 14 inch gaps and 2 layers or 703 and 705.)

I love my space (because I have one), but its a little odd too. Its challenging because I have the wide open side entrance to the “room” (is it a room if there is no door?) and I have these fixed deep shelve/cubby holes behind the mixing seat.I would love advice on how to position early reflection acoustics and bass traps.