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There arent that many places to put the mixing setup which is why it is where it is. I would take advice on that too, and anything really. That open closet is my sleeping bag covered hack vocal booth.


Hope to see this thread continue to grow. Unfortunately I think making a room acoustically workable is fairly under appreciated, and something people often dismiss as not playing as big a role in mix translation as it does… Giving the thread a bump!


at least you have some nice natural light…:wink:


this looks beautiful…is there any way to throw the sound the long way into the room, or does that not work with the feng shui?


Hey river, I’m no acoustician, but I’m familiar with what it takes to transform an a-symetrical, acoustically challenged space into something pretty remarkable… I turned Space A (an open loft), into Space B (a closed room with false front and rear walls with a tight decay time and well balanced response with excellent low end…)

Space A:

Space B:

(During construction. Will post finished pics this weekend…)

The first thing I see in your space is that you have all of those cubbies and that ‘vocal booth’. These cavities are most likely causing a lot of cancelations. On top of that all of the uneven open spaces probably add up to some cancellations when you’re listening…

One thing you might want to look into are a couple “portable isolation booths” from GIK. You could essentially use these as absorbent ‘false walls’ to cover some of those areas up, but still have access to them…

These are the portable booths, I could see buying a few to cover those open areas, (including the area to your side in the 1st pic,) when you’re working, but allowing you to access them when not…

GIK Portable Isolation Booth

Hope that helps out!


I’m sorry for the late reply Danny, thank you so much for the feedback. As you can see, both of the walls on the “long side” of the room have a door opening and “window”. So in my mind, my monitors would be placed: one on the thin strip of wall between the doorway and wall “window”, and one in front of the “window”. Because the monitors would then be placed in front of two different physical spaces (one with a wall behind it, one with nothing behind it), I chose to go with the setup pictured so that the physical environment around both monitors was consistent. That, and going the “long way” in the room, would result in my monitors being positioned more closely together if positioning them with equal distance from the side walls. I’ve also been toying with the idea of placing the monitors on their sides with the 8" woofer to the outside and the bass port closest to the mixing position. I have Equator Audio D8 monitors. My point in bringing it up is that by doing that the “long way” in the room, maybe I could achieve an equilateral triangle between my head and the woofers at approximately 3 feet away in that orientation… Anyways, I’d be interested to hear if my concerns about one monitor in front of a wall opening and one in front of a thin section of wall are reasonable concerns or not. Or if those concerns do not outweigh the benefit of throwing the sound the “long way” in the room… Thanks so much Danny, and I hope you have an excellent day! P.S. Out of curiosity, do you live on the East coast, West coast, or somewhere else?