Stemp print

when printing stems and you have side chain do you need to have the kick solo as well ie) sc kick to bass or just keep the kick track active ?

Run that by me again B.

Are you meaning stems for mastering? I (now) always export the kick as a separate stem just in case you do want some more side chaining at the mastering stage. For the sake of one extra stem which you probably don’t need to use, it’s no extra hassle and allows the flexibility,

Yea was wondering if the bass would keep the ducking or did I need to keep the kick active , I found the answer pro mb /pro c2 keeps the trigger. I was trying to avoid having to back track.

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Elton question do you know why there are not any recently added live classes for NLM II. Seems to be the only course not updated.

Hi mate, not sure, I will ask Danny what the situation is. So, the main (original) lessons are there but not the live one from Wednesday? I will go check…

I don’t see any of the live recently added lessons from when we started I think this is week 3