Soundtoys discount

is this where you the soundtoys discount?

The student discount is for anyone on any of the MMWA courses. All you need to do is email/use chat to inform Danny/Mike of which course you are on and ask for a letter confirming your student status. Then get in touch with the vendor (not just Soundtoys) and they topically give you a discount code to use at the check out. Hope that helps.

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Please email support at mixmasterwyatt com with your full name and course you’re enrolled at and we will send you enrollment letter.

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@elton and @mixmasterwyatt yes i sent out an email to this address but i’m still waiting for a response…its ok im sure they have alot to do…:blush:

Hi Gabriel, sorry for the delay. We’ve just emalied you :slight_smile:

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its ok Danny! i understand…i am sure you guys are all busy😊thanks again!