Sound interface

So I have a focusrife scarlet 2i2, and yesterday I was making some music at my friends studio, and we used the same Ana vst sounds through the same Eve monitors, but his sound was a million times fuller and powerfull.

… so my question is: Is this due to me using a Focusrite interface and him using a RME? Or might it be my computer vs. his?

Or maybe it’s because of I used Ableton and he used Logic?

And please let me know if you can reccomend any interfaces to solve the problem (it’s a pc and uses usb) :blush:

Room acoustics and A/D, D/A converters within the interface will be the differences you are hearing. How much are you wanting to spend on an interface? Do you do much recording, if so how many simultaneous channels?

I have a Focusrite 2i2 for the road and a Focursrite Claret in the studio. The Claret is amazing. I didn’t realize the difference in the quality between it and the 2i2. Interfaces makes a difference for sure.

Hi…not knowing much about interfaces, when i switched from my m-audio 24/96 to the scarlett 2i4 i was horrified to find there is no way to record “what you hear” through the PC. so no more sampling from youtube or internet radio or whatever.