Softube announced new Tape plugin

It looks nice! Can’t wait to hear it :slight_smile:

Time to get reel! Softube’s Tape plug-in adds cohesion and weight to your mixes. But Tape goes far beyond your average tape machine emulation. It includes three distinctly different tape machine types, and it offers the ease of use and low CPU strain that today’s music creators rightfully expect.

Even in this day and age, it’s common practice for computer based professional studios to run their mixes through at least one generation of analog tape. Why? Because even when used subtly, analog tape has a smoothing effect and adds cohesion and weight to a mix—it takes the recording from a collection of individual tracks into a song where everything is connected and works together. With Softube’s Tape plug-in, you can have all that and more.

Three Machines in One
Tape includes three different tape machine types in one plug-in. Type A is based on a classic Swiss high end reel-to-reel machine, known and loved for its precision and linearity. Type B is much more colorful—it’s a transformer based machine which adds extra weight and cream to the low end. Lastly, Type C is based on a British tape machine with a distinct vintage vibe.

Ease of Use
Select your favorite tape machine Type, and adjust the Amount knob to taste. In most cases, that’s all you need to do to soak your tracks in analog tape sweetness. Easier still, load up one of the included presets, made by award winning engineers such as Joe Chiccarelli (Beck, U2, Strokes) and Howard Willing (Smashing Pumpkins, Sheryl Crow, Kris Kristofferson).

But Wait, There’s More
Feeling tweaky? Why not start by trying the different tape speed settings—you’ll find that the slower the tape speed, the more pronounced is the so-called tape head bump, which adds low end to the mix. Or open the Remote Control panel where you can control the selected tape machine’s speed stability, crosstalk amount and several other tape-a-liscious features.

Dense Sound, Light on CPU
Add a single instance of Tape on your master bus to emulate what most computer based studios do today—mix in the computer, then mix down to a stereo tape machine—or go vintage style by adding Tape to every single track in your mix. Yes, your computer will be able to handle it. As most Softube plug-ins, Tape is uniquely light on your computer’s processor.

Extras for Studio One Users
If you run Presonus Studio One, you can not only use Tape as a standard plug-in. Adding Tape to your MixFX slot gives you Tape Multitrack. Tape Multitrack includes all the goodies of Tape, but in addition, you get selectable crosstalk between each individual track—and you can easily control the Tape Multitrack settings from a single interface. The Tape and Tape Multitrack license is one and the same. This means that if you’re not a Studio One user but at some future point decide to switch to that DAW, you will already have Tape Multitrack installed, licensed and ready to go.

Realistic analog tape sound
Three tape machine types included
Easy to use
Low CPU usage
Includes Tape Multitrack which can be used in the MixFX slot of Presonus Studio One—adding individual channel crosstalk and singleinterface control of all tracks


Yes, looking forward to hearing it as well.

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I tested it already. I think it is going be good one. Nice amount of control and gui.

Maybe Danny will do review and post video somewhere. Would be cool.

I’ve used this today and I already love it. It’s very warm, smooth, easy to use. You get a great result without much work. It’s also very good on CPU too. If you’re thinking of buying, it’s a great price, but give it a try, you get 20 days trial and I don’t think you’ll be sorry. I can assure you this is my new goto tape plugin for my individual tracks.

Nice work Softtube!


If it is good for Sean then it is good for me! :slight_smile:

I am away for 2 weeks and then I will be all over this.

Remember to try and get Student Discount people even if Sean thinks it is already a great price!!

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You won’t regret it buddy, it’s very subtle but powerful and does a fab job. The slate VTM has now taken a back seat lol!


Plenty of goodies still on slate to keep the subscription going though… :smile: -))

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Its funny, I was convinced the crosstalk was saturating the low frequencies more when driven…

I was determine not to buy this plug-in, as I already got plenty of saturators but, damn it sounds too good - just picked it up now after watching this!


@Paul it’s a great bit of kit, don’t you think? I’ve purchased it already. It’s going to be used in all my productions! Do you have a website?

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Yeah, I think it sounds great! No, not as yet, working on a new site as we speak.

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Hey guys. Wondering about crosstalk. I’m just learning about it so maybe someone can shed some clarity on this. My understanding of crosstalk traditionally is that it would be tracks ‘bleeding’ or ‘leaking’ across the tape into each other in a multitrack mixing scenario. I watched Danny’s video on Tape and was surprised that the crosstalk on just one instance of Tape would have any effect at all as its only one track ? Wouldn’t this have happened on real tape machines only with multitrack sessions, say for example the vocals ‘leaking’ into the bass ? In Studio One it’s even setup so the Console slot can be inserted with Tape and then linked to all the other tracks so the crosstalk feature works in this manner. If my understanding is correct, what is crosstalk doing to the single track on Danny’s video ? Thanks.

It also would happen on a stereo track L<>R the Softube Crosstalk is also saturating low frequencies and sounds really good!

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the tape of softube is awesome, already bought and uses everywhere


It’s top shelf! Absolutely fell in love with it instantly. I use it on individual channels in my mixes. Great options to play with and some unique aspects which aren’t found on other Tapes.

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Softube Tape looks incredible and the reviews seem to be all good. I just spent a grip with UAD, aquiring an Octo-core thunderbolt interface and they kept giving me vouchers. Yesterday I looked at my account and had 75$ in vouchers so I bought Oxide which I had been eyeing. I’m sure Tape is amazing and I plan on getting it on down the road but I don’t know how any VTM could sound better than Oxide, on low end material in particular. Weighty, clear, solid, clean, man it’s just a serious machine. Anyhow I’d love to hear others impressions of Oxide. UAD also claimed a pretty big plugin count for Oxide without maxing the DSP too hard, 32 tracks in the forums. One thing to note is that Oxide has only a few controls so the options are not what you see in Tape, but hey it seems to do what it does very well.

Softtube Volumne2 which includes tape plugin is on sale for Cubase owners - just got this in my inbox today… bout Volumne 2 for $319 - great deal!

Yummy…something to new to consider for mixing and mastering audio.