Crosstalk knob on ATR-102


I’ve been DEEP in my week old Octo and didnt realize how fiddly the ATR can be.

BUT… as i was … FIDDLING… i started turning the dial on the cross talk and I feel like its EXACTLY what my mix was missing. I didnt overdo it but turning it up a bit has filled things out and made my mix smoother maybe is the word, dont exactly know how to word it but smoother is the first thing that comes to mind.

I’m sure like anything it can be over done, and in MMWA fashion I drove the knob up first to hear it. I’m wondering if anyone else has had any experience with the ATR crosstalk.

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I have always kept cross talk off, but in the spirit of expirementation I will have a play!

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I do like the sound of crosstalk on some sources. Crosstalk makes the source more ‘dense’, due to the bleed between the two channels. I have also found a pleasant low frequency saturation bump when pushed with certain tape machine plug-ins e.g. Ampex and Softube Tape.


I heard Danny talk about how he always turns the crosstalk off the ATR, but then, in a subsequent video, talking about how great the crosstalk is on the Softube Tape plug. I wonder what the difference is…?

I don’t think crosstalk sounds good on the master bus, I have never found that it sounded better when enabled. However, on individual tracks and buses, it can sound great. The Softube crosstalk does sound very good as well, it adds fatness with a really nice low frequency saturation.

@Paul @Hakon hmm very interesting re: Softtube Tape crosstalk. I’ve been using Tape for months but hadn’t tried out the crosstalk in it. On another note, the Softtube Tape has completely replaced the studer for me, I find it way easier to dial in and get the sound I want.

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