Acustca Audio "Taupe" - Tape Emulation Plugin

Acustica Audio has released their new mega tape emulation plugin called Taupe. Check out the full details here:

You can download a demo and they offer a 40% Educational discount (after the special intro pricing ends).

Here is a list of the Tape Emulations in Taupe:

Taupe (13) - The tape collection with some EQs/compressors thrown in the mix.

EQ A - MCI JH-500
EQ B - MCI JH-600
EQ C - Studer 900

Compressor/Limiter: Studer 900

The Tape Machines (thank you, Tsykhra)

Group A
0 - Ampex 1200, 15 IPS Multitrack
1 - Ampex 1200, 30 IPS Multitrack
2 - Ampex 351, 15 IPS Stereo (tube pre, no tape)
3 - Ampex 351, 30 IPS Stereo (tube pre, no tape)
4 - EMI TR-50, Stereo 15 IPS
5 - EMI TR-50, Dual Mono 15 IPS
6 - EMI TR-50, Stereo 30 IPS
7 - EMI TR-50, dual mono 30 IPS
8 - MCI JH-110, Stereo 15 IPS
9 - MCI JH-110, Stereo 30 IPS

Group B
0 - MCI JH-110, Dual Mono at 15 IPS
1 - MCI JH-110, Dual Mono at 30 IPS
2 - MCI JH-24, mono at 15 IPS
3 - MCI JH-24, mono at 30 IPS
4 - MCI JH-110 (8 track), mono at 15 IPS (NAB)
5 - MCI JH-110 (8 track), mono at 15 IPS (IEC)
6 - MCI JH-110 (8 track), mono at 30 IPS (IEC)
7 - Otari MTR-90, mono at 15 IPS
8 - Otari MTR-90, mono at 30 IPS
9 - Otari MTR-100, mono at 15 IPS

Group C
0 - Otari MTR-100, mono at 30 IPS
1 - Studer A820, stereo at 15 IPS
2 - Studer A820, stereo at 30 IPS
3 - Studer A820, dual mono at 15 IPS
4 - Studer A820, dual mono at 30 IPS
5 - Soundcraft Saturn 824, mono at 15 IPS
6 - Soundcraft Saturn 824, mono at 30 IPS
7 - ReVox A77, stereo at 7.5 IPS (IEC)
8 - ReVox A77, dual mono at 7.5 IPS (IEC)
9 - ReVox A77, dual mono at 7.5 IPS (NAB)

Group D
0 - ReVox A700, dual mono at 15 IPS
1 - ReVox PR900, stereo at 15 IPS
2 - Nagra IV, stereo (no speed given)
3 - Aiwa AD-F850, stereo cassette
4 - Aiwa Excelia XK-009, stereo cassette
5 - TEAC A-860, stereo cassette
6 - Wollensak (3M), stereo cassette deck. (No tape)
7 - AKAI 1710 (reel to reel, no tape)
8 - Sony PCM-7040 (digital, no tape)
9 - Alesis ADAT-XT20 (20-bit digital, no tape)

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sounds/looks interesting. is it “test kitchen” approved?! :wink:

Not yet, but it’s on the menu for this Friday…I am excited to test this one! :wink:

very curious about your verdict on this one danny! I’ve got my octo but in the past few months keep hearing more and more about this acustica plugs, wondering if they definitively hold up against uad.

I’m into this. Looking forward to hearing it in the test kitchen with you guys.

I never really get into nebula. So much latency when turning on/off controls and this and that. I felt transported back to using VST technology on a pentium 233 mhz.(spoiler, it wasn’t good).

Maybe now that I’ve got the next level workflow down it could make sense to re-introduce it when doing the saturation passes.

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I think they are getting better with that management. There is still talk of a server to offload all or most of the processing. I am using Magenta and am loving it

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very cool. I’m waiting for the 2019 mac pro relaunch so I’m thinking about getting some 18+ core rig and running a bunch of the acustica plugs in addition to UAD. more cores please!!!


if you get a 18 cores you are god

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Its mainly for ! This shit is intense! I started working at Moog Audio in toronto around 4 months ago and there is a huge modular wall. Got introduced to VCV rack because its free instead of spending thousands on modular hardware. I only have 4 cores and I cant really push this thing much. 18+ cores should destroy VCV and acustica.

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Anyone know what the test kitchen verdict was on this?