Remote Control Cubase iC Pro for Cubase Pro 9


Have any of you guys used ipad/iphone as remote control for Cubase Pro 9 yet?
Cubase 6/7 had the ability to use an app for IOS to control cubase functions such as record… etc… my cell phone just broke today and I was wondering if I should get an iphone (I used to have a samsung galaxy) since it might come in handy to control recording vocals with cubase…
the question here is if Steinberg’s remote feature is compatible with Cubase Pro 9 - especially for recording…
Steinberg’s website only lists Cubase Pro 8 - they might just not have updated their site…


it is working with C9 for me


So do you use an ipad/iphone and if so which version for IOS on the ipad/iphone?

I have ipad/iphone at home I can test with… but wanted to make sure it’s worth me swtiching from samsung to iphone for my new phone…


I had bought the pro app a couple of years ago, but didn’t use it LOL… so I think since I’m doing a lot of voacals it might be worth it…

can you do “new version” on a track using the remote?


Last question - I’m using a PC which I believe won’t affect this from working properly I assume…


I use iPad Pro with latest iOS version.
I didn’t open iC pro for a month or so… These days I prefer Avid Control app which uses Eucon interface to control Cubase.
We’ve made a remote controls shootout at Mixing in Cubase course in May - check out this short video it shows both iC pro and Avid control working well with Cubase 9.


Thanks Mike, will this avid remote work with PC hosted cubase as well?


Mike, there is no sound on the video :frowning:


I guess there might be some issues after all - good that I’m not rushing into this one…