Cubase issue with sound card,need help

Hello Cubase users,I ask my question here, because in the Cubase topic, they are no move recently.I’m new user of Cubase,and I have an issue with my peripherique audio in the vst audio system,i check the X (visible) for active and inactive routing, and they put inactive, and I can’t put it active anymore.Somebody have an idea why and how I can make it active again, i look in the help menu and different place, but I can’t find the answer.Thank’s for your help.

Hey @Tripack, I use Cubase and I know the screen you mean. Could you do some screenshots and if I can help, I will. It could be the drivers on the soundcard or anything at this point. If you could firstly screenshot all of the ‘tabs’ in the tutorial i am linking to. Then we can see what you have setup…

Thank’s to you to take a look

Hi Elton,i figured this out, it was the vst connection, not connected,I’m connecting the left only to show you the problem.
Thank you very much for your help.Without your help, I will never find the problem before a week, lol :wink: Best regards Tripack

Hey no worries! Glad you found it. Cubase is awesome, but not without its quirky things!!