Remember to look back!

Most of us landed on forums like this and the (amazing) MixMasterWyatt Academy because we felt there was something missing in what we were doing. For me it was composition and mixing/mastering!

The same thing that can drive us to continually improve can also cause us to lose confidence and get stuck, so this bit of music production advice is to remember to look back!

Having completed mixing foundations and Next level mixing, I thought it was time to get hold of a few tracks that I had completed before the course that had originally led me to thinking ‘it’s not quite right’. I mixed them using the MMWA channel stripping and new things for me like parallel drum buss etc. and WOW. I am not ‘there’ yet by any stretch of the imagination, but oh my. When I compare the before and after, there is very little comparison.

I have so much to learn and so much more experience to gain, but the lesson for all of us is to remember to look back. Seeing the difference has shown me that I will be able to create productions, mixes and masters that are commercial standard. Fortunately, I have the Mix Master Academy and Next Level Sound teams to make sure I do get there too!

So, if you are stuck or not really seeing progress, remember to look back sometimes, not just forward.


I remember when I start my first course in this school I never use a limiter on a kick because I always saids that will suck the punch of my kick and now… I use everything I learn in mixing foundations, Was my best investment until now , Next step will be next level mixing

I remember my old tracks and re mixed once I finish the course and 10 times better!

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