Released my first album! Future Synths

It has been several months and lots of EQs and UAD plugins :slight_smile: but finally I released my first album. Yeah!

Thanks for all the help and support from Danny, Kristin and the community! This is an amazing community and I would not have done this without you.

Please, take a listen on Spotify, follow us, or share with your social group - independent artists need good PR :slight_smile:



Hey celco

That’s great! Congratulations!

No BS. I love the album! Even though I am not doing this genre myself I am a sucker for it. I just l love “On Your Way Now”. I would to do a EDM remix of it someday.

Best of luck with the release.


Congratulations “celso”.!

“Celso” I would like to feature your album on a Youtube page I created as an extension to a website that I created which is devoted to music-enthusiasts from all music-genres. May I have your permission to do so?

Sunday, January 21, 2018
6:37 a.m. PST

Hey, thanks!
Let me know if one day you want to do a remix and I send you the steams.


Hi, thanks!
Sure, let me know if you need any mp3 or wav to help you post it.

I’m running a video campaign and one of the video already has 7K views:

Please, get in touch be email and I can send you whatever you need -

Is your website live?


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I’m on Youtube now to view the video campaign and to subscribe to any updates.

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Hey Celso! Amazing! Congratulations! Fantastic job! Thank you for this!


@celso I am a big fan mate. As @Danny would say, you have my 99 cents (or whatever an album costs!!).

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$12.99 from CD Baby and worth every cent. Thank you for the music @Celso!!

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@Elton You are the best! Now you and my mom have bought the album, yeah! :smile:

Thanks, man!


congrats brotha! keep up the good work!

Well done man, it’s a huge achievement to finish a project like that. as we all know here it takes sooooo much work to get things to the quality you have produced

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you just got a new fan, mate :wink:


Thanks for listening mate!

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