Looking for collaboration with singers (synthwave)

I’m working on a series of Synthwave/Retrowave/Dreamwave - 80’s inspired tracks and I’m looking for singers who would like to be featured in this first EP. I hope to release it soon, but more original vocals will make a huge difference on people listen to the work.

Some tracks I separated for singers to consider and see if they get inspired to try an original vocal on top:

The best track I have to set the tone of the EP is this one:

Drop a note, or feel free to send to singers if you know one looking for new gigs!


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Love this track @celso. A real Chvrches vibe to it. When you played it in office hours for the first time I was super impressed…

Thanks @Elton! Really appreciate the Chvrches comparison :slight_smile: hope one day I get millions of listeners too!

I am sure you will mate. I am just working on a remix of Clearest Blue. I will upload it once done…

Lovely track @celso, must say I enjoyed listening to this. Great mixing! :slight_smile:

Thanks, @TheSheep, I have so much to learn from all of you!

Love the track!

Love the vocal!

Love everything!

Great work!


Thanks, @kalbinsson! Hope I get more singers to collaborate soon!

Hi Celso, It’s great to listen to your track again since office hours this july. great job! I could also see this track being used in a film. Good luck with finding more singers, and hope to hear more!

Hey, thanks @jmfriedman! Looking forward to more office hours in September :slight_smile: