Any Electro House / EDM DJs here?



are there any Electro House / EDM DJs here that are interesting in exchanging feedback with regards to sound and arrangement?

I would of course be happy to return the favour.

I don’t have many fellow DJs or producers I can test ideas on so I would be happy to get in touch with anyone.

If you wanna check out my previous work you can find me here:



Hi K, I’m pretty new to EDM production but man your tracks sound sweet! The sound design is really awesome. All of it is awesome! maybe adding some more vocals here and there would be cool too.


Thanks Jacob,

what kind of music do you want to do yourself?

I would love to making some vocal tracks but need to find a good vocalist to collaborate with first.



Hey kal ! do you have new music finished? It would be great to hear something :slight_smile: since last time


Awesome tracks, very good mix and master!


u can find singers in sound cloud, send your track and talk about the collab, it’s not difficult. Just put “singer” in sound cloud, listen to some and send a message, u will find somebody!


@buslik I didn’t know that. that’s cool…