Please help to recreate a sound

Hey everyone,
I am doing a track and the client wants to have a bubbly sound like here at 0.33:

I am assuming it can be done with LFO, but how to make it wobble rhythmically like that?
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Hey that can be done with a square wave with the envelope set like a pluck and then shaped with an LFO if you want, although you don’t need the LFO if you set the envelope correctly. Then it has some kind of modulation on it like chorus, and def a plate reverb with a very short decay time and a little pre-delay. Then I believe they resampled (bounce in place), and chopped the samples, adjusting the length of some, and reversing some. This is what I hear personally in the sound design. That being said there are different methods for similar outcomes. Hope this helps.

Thanks for reaching out! But if the envelope is set like a pluck, that means a short, stabby sound (short attack etc.) ? so how does it become bubbly long sound?

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I just meant the same type of envelope but with a longer attack. An LFO could be assigned to the envelope and automated to vary the attack length resulting in different sounding bubbles but I really think resampling is the game here. There is most likely reversing of the audio going on, you can hear it. Most dynamic sound design, at least in my experience can be achieved most flexibly by resampling after the initial synth patch is created.

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