When the reverb is not adequate

Hi. I’m mixing a song of a client and all synths have a lot of reverb and the synths sound is all medium far in the same plane. i cant process the reverb separate and the sound is dull. I try gate, saturate, sidechain, eq but i dont get a clear mix. Any idea? Any trick?


Just an idea and not a proven trick I’ve used, but what about transient designer to put the focus on the transient and remove some tail to taste? You would then need to re reverb to get the placement you want but Danny says it is legal to add reverb to reverb so you should be good to do that.

I use RX6 Deverb module for this and it works very well. If you do not have RX and depending on how wide the synths are try attenuating the side channel in an M/S plug-in.


The handicap is the reverbs of the sounds have a very important role in the arrangement. A lot of sidechain and modulations in the reverbs tails. I have tried make the sounds more mono with “direction mixer” in Logic thus i have gained space.

What says Mixmaster Wyatt?

Thanks all