Big Room Lead Reverb in Drop


Is there any Big Room guys or girls here?

I am trying to perfect my Big Room Lead Drop sound. Think, simple drop with a big kick and big lead with big reverb with maximum loudness.

But I am never satisfied with the sound. It should be dead simple?

1 Kick
1 or more synths layered with big reverb, SC to the kick.
Master using the wyatt system with tape, ssl, stereo widening, limiting etc.

The result should be a a BIG ROOM sound similar to spinnin records.

But I just can’t seem to get the reverb right.

How do you guys do it?
Using the VST reverbs?
Using a reverb as insert?
Using reverb as send?

Any tips or ideas would be welcome.

I will upload a simple example with a kick and lead when I get home to my studio.

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Hi! I would suggest to always put your reverb in the send/return so that you can play a lot with your reverb game and not affecting the transient itself. To have a successful Big Room track you need to have your reverb game, kick power and quality of your synth on point. A good technic that Danny shows us is that when you put your reverb into the send/return, you want to sidechain it to the kick so that you don’t have any accumulative reverb that will kill the kick power. You can also try to put haas effect on your reverb, it will creates a big room effect! Hope that helps!


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I know all this in theory. It is just so damn hard to get it to sound just right in practice.

Will keep trying.



Which Daw are you using?

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I am using Studio One.


Checkout John Christian tip for gate reverb

Thats the style that you are looking for

Hope you learn! He is the men for bigroom

Thanks. I couldn’t hear/find any info about gated reverb but I really liked the tutorial and are watching the other ones as well. Thanks for the tip.