Sound Design Mixing

Hi guys

I want to share a process that I have my question if it is Ok

I Produce Big Room & Jungle Terror and of course I like thay my synths pops out from the mix

I recently start making layers (4 only)

Each layer I Cut Frecuencies , Do mid side Eq and on final stage I saturate my leads and I got a great limited sound and sound 100 times better If I compress each lead

Then I blend my 4 channels (Low Layer, Mid Layer, Top Layer, Air Layer) to form 1 sound and export in WAV

That sound I don´t know what is better If I have to insert the C4 from waves to make the dynamic Eq or If I have to throw another camel crusher or sausage fattenner to control the peaks that wont be controlled with c4

What do you guys think

First of all, in your layering process I would use saturation before cutting frequencies. Then compress, then Additive EQ. (Mixing Foundations channel strip)
But to answer your question, use the C4 multi-band EQ. Camel crusher and sausage fattener are more like saturators to me. They should be use first in the mixing process. C4 works a little bit more easy by using thresholds to balance the sound in specific frequency ranges.

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Thank you for your feedback :slight_smile:

I will start using C4 more!

camel crusher is also a limiter and lots of name producers use it first, middle, and last depending.