Production and mixing

I was wondering how you manage your producing workflow with your mixing workflow ? Do you mix all the way during your production process, or do you do only a few % of mixing, for the sound design ?

I just finished the mixing courses, until now I didn’t know what I was doing in terms of mixing into my productions. Now I am again in the producing process, I see it’s not evident to produce and mix at the same time, here are the reasons :

  • The plugins for the mixing part (which contributes a lot to the sound design of the production) are too heavy, so I have to keep my channel strip with essential plugins like a reductive EQ Pro-Q2, a multi-band saturation Trash2 and maybe a ATR 102 Tape machine. Only this is already heavy…

  • If it takes too much time to mix it can lose my creativity for the production process

Mainly it’s all about the weight of the plugins on the CPU, even I have a DSP Octo, the fact to add some UAD plugins don’t change anything for my CPU… I have to look deeper into that.

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Hi , I use Reason 6 for mixing and Fl studio Wav files for my sound designs and I like what I hear

I tend to write the whole track and then the mixing process, It depends of the genre, I find that genres like trap, dupstep for me are a little difficult because I dont like too mess to much with subs haha

Thats Why I am here!

My tip for you write the whole track and then mix

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Good tip, thank you. I’ve been mixing and fixing as I go along. I think I’m going to put it all together then mix/fix and adjust.

I am not producing yet as such but I can imagine I will compose and sound design in LPX and processing will be on the way in, I use a lot of analogue gear.

Then export as 32-Bit Float files and mix in Pro Tools.

I am not sure how many people mix like this but I started off as an engineer, so I always like to work with audio when mixing.

I don’t like too much Midi because it’s never finished. When you have an audio file instead, it’s like you already have made your choices for production. But it’s hard to take the decision to render in place in audio.