Creation vs. mixing - what plugins and when?

As an EDM producer trying to get better at mixing… I have a question about plugins and when to use them. As I am crafting an arrange should I be looking to compress my kick… buss it out and paralell process it while working through the creative process and arrangement? Ditto for other tracks as I build up the arrange?

I’ve learned a lot of channel and paralell processing techniques but I’m confused when to apply them. I know there is no rules but should I just put my sounds into an arrange “unprocessed”. Finish the arrange and then look to start all the “fun”?I enjoy throwing a delay on a synth while I’m creating… but should I leave the synth clean and do that during the mixdown so I complete the arrange quicker?

I have a 100 other questions I could ask here but I hope my simple examples kind of get to the heart of the matter.

ie. what is part of the creative / arrange workflow vs. mixdown?

anybody home? … …

hey man I believe you will find some of the answers you seek in other threads from the forum. there is a wealth of information in here. with that being said, there are different techniques used by different producers for all kinds of different workflows. some do all their mixing while producing, others just do minimal eq and compression while saving the majority of the processing for mix-down, while others do almost no mix-down during production. I would highly recommend enrolling in Danny’s mixing courses. I believe all your questions will be answered in the course material. Danny is an A+ teacher, and unlike a majority of online (and even high priced audio production) schools, Danny is from the industry, has worked in the big time, and knows his shit. his courses are whats up. cheers.


Hi Mike,

Nice to see you here. A lot of what you ask is down to taste. But some of what you ask is very technical and mixing is an art. I’m currently taking courses with Mix Master Wyatt I’d strongly recommend you taking a course or a few (if you can), @Danny teaches you all the great techniques and I can assure you, he knows his stuff. You won’t regret it, in 2 months my productions (that I thought were good and were not) have moved to another level. In the MMW courses much of what you ask is taught and the team here are awesome! Give it a go :slight_smile:


Not wanting to make this post seem like a Mix Master Wyatt Academy (MMWA) fan club, but I echoe what the guys have said. I had exactly the same question and still have questions, but one by one, they are becoming ‘smaller questions’! Hope this helps…

Yeah I’m already signed up but new to the course. I’ve been a hobbyist for
a long time but I have always kind of winged it putting together a
production. You hit a wall with that kind of working style. Honestly, even
after watching the first week’s videos on saturation I already feel like I
have an avenue to take things to the next level.

Well I personally recommend you Slate bundle and fab filter, for compressing the kick I make that with the channel strip that I learn in Mixing Foundations , Paralallel processing is just for punch and depth , Some times just for adding a extra attack to the kick but you can use a top kick for that , I think parallel processing is for making something more bigger