Advanced Mixing Techniques

Lets get a discussion flowing on advanced mixing techniques. I think we could all benefit from reading what other engineers are doing and perhaps combine techniques…

I’l get the party started with a cool little technique I have been using to widen synths (and other elements), while retaining mono compatibility:

  1. Instead of inserting Dimension D on insert, send to Dimension D in a parallel configuration

  2. Insert a compressor after Dimension D, 100% (or less) stereo unlink and compress to taste.

Interesting, thanks. Gonna try it.

My tip, put two instances of vtm on the kick, one after the other. Kick become so fat and heavy.
Make sure there is enough headroom before you proceed.

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Pick a couple sounds you can live with disappearing in mono and flip the phase on one side. It creates the illusion of height and a deep 3-D soundstage.

For increased 3-D imaging experiment with switching L/R settings or flipping the opposite side’s phase on the other track (or tracks). Widen a few with an Ozone imager for hyper 3-D stereo and place them in different positions with panning. (Using a stereo panning utility like Logic’s Direction Mixer or Flux’s Stereo Tool.)

Recommend to do this on speakers instead of cans. the 3-D effect doesn’t translate to cans nearly as well as it does on a pair of speakers…


Bounce/render, put more plugins - pultec, La-2/1176, API Vision Channel strip, bounce, even more plugins - VoxBox, ATR-102, Manley VariMU - bounce, bounce, bounce :sunglasses:


Don’t use a lot of eq , try to record good sources