Next Level Composition Free Office Hours! Link

Hi All!

Just wanted to invite everyone that is interested in the next level composition program to come hang with me on Tuesdays at 2 pm for free. You can bring your works in progress and any questions you might have.

See you online!

Register for Composition Office Hours Here!


I’m interested. I subscribe to the meeting.

Best regards,

Great! looking forward to meeting you next week!

I’m trying to register, but zoom consistently responds with a User Doesn’t Exist message. I have a zoom account and am logged in, and I’m logged in here. No go. How do I register?

Hey Kevin,

It sounds like this is Zoom not happy with your account and suggesting you don’t exist, which as you say, clearly you do! Can you email ‘support at next level sound . c o m’ with a screenshot of what you get as you try to login. Also, any details like your email address that you are registering with etc. We are not Zoom tech support, but we will certainly try to help as much as possible.


Morning Elton, I’ve used zoom just a few weeks ago - nonetheless, all I
want to do is register for Kristin’s EDM Composition office hours on
Tuesday. I don’t care about zoom (at this point.) And I don’t think it’s
me zoom thinks doesn’t exist. It would appear that it’s Kristin that it
thinks doesn’t exist.

Can I register any other way (other than zoom)?


screenshot attached. I get the same error when I try to register
regardless of browser.

Mmmm… OK, We will run some tests here to see if anyone else can register and what messages come up. I will come back to you today…

Hey Kevin,

This is what I see when I test it…

Obviously, I have gone there at the wrong time, hence the ‘wait for it to start’. Please can you get hold of Zoom and ask them to look at this for you. You can give them the support at next level sound email and we will be happy to help as much as we can to get you up and running.


well, I give up. I have tried different browers, different computers,
even my tablet, but nothing works. I’ve tried while logged in and while
logged out. I’ll try to manually attend.


Hey no worries Kevin. We want to get you in there, so anything we can do is no worries. If you want to message me a time when you are available, I am happy to screen share etc. to see if between us we can fix it.

I have the exact same problem as Kevin.

guys, could one of you (or both) PM me the link you are using? I want to check everything…

OK, just gone through that link and get the same. Will get onto @Danny

@Danny will come back once it is sorted…

Hi Guys! First of all, sorry for the frustration! Kristin’s office hours yesterday were very well attended so it’s working for a lot of people, but not for you guys…so let’s fix it!

Please hit me today on the Live pop up chat on our website and we can set up a 1 on 1 meeting to troubleshoot the problem. I am quite sure it’s a simple fix and we can fix it live together.

Also, moving forward (and this is for everyone) PLEASE use the live chat on the website for ALL tech support issues. The forum is not really designed to handle these kinds of issues.

Alternatively, you can also email for 1 on 1 troubleshooting, but nothing beats hitting us on our live chat!

Looking forward to fixing the issue and getting you into Kristin’s office hours next Tuesday!



It worked for me yesterday when I instead used the link in the dashboard or in the mail… don’t remember which one I used.

Its weird, the links in the email and dashboard work, but there is a ‘Zoom’ one (the one above) that doesn’t.

This is what I think so far. When Zoom was new, it had ‘registration’ screens on that sent reminders. I think this is what the link above is. I asked @Danny to remove these as it adds another step to getting into the session. this means anyone going there (not from the Zoom link) is fine. Very strange. However, for anyone else reading this because they have the same issue. the advice is only use the official Next Level Sound links as we know these work!