Can't register for pro-memers event- every monday at 4pm est

Can’t register for pro-memers event- every monday at 4pm est…
and Friday kitchen test
the links guide me onto GoToTraining, and said this training is over

Hey @choi,

As it happens, I am working this weekend on the new ‘upgraded’ Graduates Club. It is looking awesome now with a lot more value added in there for all us graduates! GoTo has been replaced by Zoom. All students (whether new or from the original MMWA and Next Level websites) will be getting an email which includes the details and new links. If you want to PM me your email I can manually check that you are on the list. Also, if you haven’t had an email by tomorrow evening then this means that for whatever reason, your email wasn’t so please come back to me.

my email is
I don’t know how to pm in this forum… sorry.
And thanks for reply

Hey no worries. I will do a manual check to make sure you are in… be great to see you there.

Thanks! Appreciate that

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Hi Choi,

You have literally the same courses as me! I am guessing you did the full program with Danny before he added Next Level Mixing 2 and then went on to Graduates Club.

You are in the list. sadly, there will be a little bump in the road as we need all the graduates to cancel their current subscription and start a new one so that the back end stuff works.

Just in case this doesn’t all come through, here are the links you need anyway.

Monday Main Meeting
This is our original and still main ‘Graduates Club only’ meet up. you can send in your tracks for feedback, raise any questions, hang out and just stay up to date with your Next Level Sound community.

Time: Monday 4 pm - 4:50 pm

Friday Test Kitchen
This is the tech zone! We keep Fridays for looking at new Plugins, DAW updates, sometimes even discussing hardware! The idea is we test stuff. So, it’s on a Friday where you will find us putting new stuff up against old stuff and making sure the Next Level Sound community are up to date.

Time: Friday 4 pm - 4:50 pm

Take care and look forward to seeing you in there…


Thanks again! Elton!