Newbie eq question

Is it important to do reductive eq on soft synths like massive and reaktor? I always low and high cut these tracks with massive on them but i’m never really sure whether to notch out certain frequency bands in the middle of the sound like I would easily do with a vocal or live instrument sound. I have been using stock eq plug ins and its not always that easy to hear offending specific mid range frequencies of a software synth. I guess its worth the upgrade to something like pro q 2

pro q2 is great for cut frecuencies, yes you must cut that low frecuencies, use your ears some synth if you cut too much low will sound mm skinny, cut everything below 180 hz and hi cuts well I do cut that noise from 18,000 khz and up

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I think ProQ2 would be great for you. The main reason: This is the EQ which I think is absolutely best when learning how to EQ. The workflow in this EQ is IMHO absolutely fantastic. Very easy to use, it sounds good, it got many great features you can grow into and it’s also powerful enough to use for almost anything by anyone. In short, yes, it’s a great EQ.

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If synths or other elements sound muddy, or you hear an odd resonance(s) then to your taste EQ it. Even synths can have clutter in them or odd sounds, don’t be afraid to lightly EQ them. You might find parts not pleasing to your ears, EQ those too (if you want to). High passing is a great way to gain headroom and clarity in your mix. My advise, EQ elements on their own then adjust your EQ choices within the rest of your mix, you can then gauge if it sounds weak, doesn’t sound pleasing and adjust accordingly (or to taste). Pro Q2 I fully endorse, it’s a fantastic EQ and I’d go as far as to say it’s the best surgical EQ out there. When you get to grips with it you’ll never look back and you’ll see what I mean trust me.


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I second this! Pro Q2 was the first major plugin purchase I made ever. 2-3 years later my ears have gotten alot wiser for the visual feedback. On another note though the visual on Pro L and Pro C have helped me understand compression and limiting so much more too! Just help yourself out and get a fabfilter bundle. You can get a sweet educational discount from them. Just did it to upgrade to Pro-L2


Thank you very much to all of you! this clarified a lot of my ideas about eq and how good fab filter is. Just applied for the educational discount and looking forward to upgrade!

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