My quest for the Spinnin Records sound



I made a track that I played for a few of you the other day during our session with Danny.

As my former student comrades and Danny know I am pursuing the holy grail of the Spinnin Records sound.

I think I have come pretty close as I have put the track on the Spinnin Records Talent Pool and it has now reached #3.

Does this mean I have reached the Spinnin Records sound? I guess we will find out.


P.s. Who can guess what I have on my master…

P.s.2 If you would be so kind please go and vote for me at:


Hey Ken, congrats!!! Voted and shared on our FB page :slight_smile:



I was so happy when I saw the track posted on youtube until I realised that the Spinnin’ Freedom is fake… At least I should be happy that the pirates like my music. :wink:


Hey Ken, well done mate, voted…


Thanks. Much appreciated.



Already #2 ! Ken, what’s your twitter account?


Great work Ken! Voted👍


My twitter account is: @kenbauersweden


Just voted too! reall great track