My First Mixdown using Mixing foundations



This post is old enough, but I would like to say that it’s good job!
Henceforth will listen to it on my Sennheiser RS120. :sunglasses:
Can you tell me what software did you use for this song?

Don’t hesitate to share another your songs


Thank you!! I am using Cubase 9.5 pro


Nice. Ginger Baker has a group, Masters of Reality and an album Sunrise on the Sufferbus. I think tracks from that album would make great reference tracks for what you doing with this song. If you could emulate the very crispy sounding drums he achieves, that might take your sound up a notch. Nonetheless, this is a very nice track, well done.


Thanks I will check it out, I have just finished NLM 2 so I am hoping to g back and touch this one up. I will check it out!