Inserts and Sends gestion

How do you manage your channel strip workflow with Cubase ? There only are 8 inserts slots in each tracks, same for the sends. Do you create a FX channel and route each audio track on a new FX in order to have 16 inserts, or do you religiously bounce the audio after 8 plugins on the inserts ?

I think Cubase should increase it’s inserts+sends slots to 16 inserts and not 8 because now we have more powerful computers, DSP, DSP efficient plugins. 8 is not enough.
Personally I bounce after the 8 inserts have been fulfilled. I create a preset for each steps (ex: console + tape + saturation preset ; reductive EQ + compression preset, etc.)

@Danny will be able to answer this one!

This is something that annoys me about Pro Tools as well, even if they enabled you to have an extra 8 inserts on the Master fader since there are no sends.

I like Mixbus idea for insert/sends, shame the thing never works for me.

The best solution would to use the 8 insert slots into the audio track, then bounce and continue the channel strip workflow.