Blue Cat's PatchWork - 64 plugins into 1 plugin

Maybe it’s something which will solve the problem of the small amount of plugins allowed as inserts in Cubase. I just discovered Blue Cat’s PatchWork, which is a plugin who allows to put a lot of plugins into. I didn’t tested it yet, but sure will, I’ll keep you in touch here.

I tested blue cats Patchwork, it’s so cool, it solves the problem of only having 6 inserts in Cubase

All of that in one insert. You can do parallel compression, post, pre

Here what’s the maximum :

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Thanks for sharing, that looks very useful especially for sound design!

Nice work and thank you for this! Rumor is that Steinberg is fixing this soon, but in the meantime…:wink:

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I had seen another post on Steinberg about these utilities crashing etc. Danny pointed me to this post in class and I immediately bought Patchwork. I have it loaded on around 20 channels with a full MMWA style channel strip in and has been completely stable. Love how easy it is to control the gain too.

Thanks for the find…


Question: did you guys test this with different frequency ranges such as 88 and 96khz?

And if so is it stable?

I haven’t yet? But no stability issues spotted so far for me

I think they have a new version out, 2.0. I’m not sure how long it’s been out, but looks good!

@Danny, are they increasing the sends too, just wondered if you knew? This is a bit of a hardship for side-chaning and I’d love to see those increased too.

Side Chaining could do with a whole new thinking. if the plugin could just ‘choose’ which track to listen to for the side chain and therefore didn’t need it ‘sending’, it would remove that problem. Until then, maybe Blue cat could create a plugin! You could send to ‘blue cat’ on an fx track, which could then send to unlimited tracks?

I agree,
Logic already does this from within the plugin window, you just select with a dropdown menu the track you want to side-chain and it’s done. It’s a bit frustrating taking a step backward, but overall Cubase is a better beast.

I have only ever used Cubase. Back in the day it was on an Atari ST 1040 and only midi. I had the X5DR, Akai S2000 and a few Behringer bits like exciter compressor etc. I got a bit carried away with work and the music fell by the wayside in 1999. When I finally picked it back up 18 months ago, I decided to be completely in the box. I think of what Cubase is now and my entire setup being ITB and it is staggering.