How to safely backup your music

Since I do not trust online backups - and they are too slow for me I decided to look into alternate ways and best ways to back up my data.
Unfortunately, I cannot afford the core memory used in the space shuttle. So here are some ideas - not trying to get too carried away - but I think having a couple of external Hard drives at friend’s homes possible in a small safe (Faraday Cage) would be smart. I think I will do this for my finished work for sure.
For the work in progress music I will keep one backup drive at my job and rotate it with another drive which I keep at home - this way I back up weekly and swap the drive’s location - hereby keeping work updates bi-weekly offsite.

Here are some ideas and links:

Quote: "A backup that’s in the same house as the computer you’re backing up is no backup."

Solar Flares:

–> use a Faraday Cage - here is a link to how to make one yourself:

Fire Proof Safe

1000 year data protection storage solution: