Backing up Projects/Archiving and Type of Computer that's good

Hi does anyone know a good way to back up your work? I have heard time machine isn’t the best.

Also what type of computer do you use for mixing?

Thank you!

Hi Jacob, I am a PC guy. I guess it can depend on your DAW though as Logic is Mac for example. In terms of backups, I then use Acronis to do the backups to another drive (same PC) although it could do cloud… I think a lot of that though is just what I have come across at the time. It is a great question and I’d be interested to hear other people’s setups.

My music folder is synched with my cloud on a local NAS (Synology), which in turn is frequently backed up to a remote location. The neatest part of this is that the cloud supports versioning - it’s easy to recover older versions!

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This is what I need to do really. A lot safer than same machine (in same location!). I think Acronis can actually do that too. I need to stop producing for a minute and start protecting!!

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Hey Elton, just imagine a worst case scenario and you’ll get going :slight_smile:

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@Marius I am having a ‘house cleaning’ morning in the studio! Off-site backups is number one on the list!! If the system dies unexpectedly (because of course usually we have advance warning!!), I will have you to thank for the kick up the old rear!

I use a combination of Time Machine and pcloud (an online drive/backup service). The biggest problem with Time Machine is that it is a local backup. I previously used dropbox and then moved to Apple iCloud Drive or what it’s called. They are also OK, but right now I prefer to use pcloud.

Checked in on my Acronis Backups yesterday and they have been running fine. So glad this thread happened and gave me the boot I needed!