Question about online mixing and mastering services

(Sorry for my crappy English skills)

Hello everyone! Im Gianno from Norway and I was looking for some specific information regarding online mixing and mastering services.

I’m a person that doesn’t have any hardware to record tracks or make beats. So hiring a studio is my way to get my focals in WAV format.

So I browsed the web and stumbled on several websites that offers services to fine tune my sound. So for a few bucks I can send them my beat and my focals and they will put it together and master it.

My question is does anyone here on the forums has any experience with these kind of services? Some of them are offering offering short music tracks about your own track to see what they can do with your sended sound material which sounds like a safe and nice thing but then again… How and I suppose to know which are decent?

I normaly research a lot but it feels like its kinda difficult this time.

First I saw

My reaction was like damn! Look at that gear!
Then I tried to find some reviews and then I saw people that had bad experience with it and that the communication wasn’t there which is kinda mandatory.

Then I faced another one that looked decent and suddenly on other websites they were like “Dont trust that website they are a fraud!”

I mean damn, this is harder then I thought.
So I start looking for help and here I am.
I’m not even sure if this is the right place to ask but what ever.

Hi there,

Most good online mixing and mastering services are very expensive. You do not need a lot of software to mix your own tracks. For example, Logic Pro X has everything you need included.
I would recommend signing up for @Danny’s Mixing Foundation course and learning the skills you need to mix and master your own music. I have been a student at this school for a long time and seen people develop from amateurs to top mixers in a few months.

Here is a good cheap mixing and mastering service:

I’ve used it myself and the quality is amazing for the price.

I agree with Paul. Signing up and learning how to mix yourself will be a game changer for you.
In the meantime might I suggest asking some of the students here. The education we have received is top notch and many people here are qualified.

If you need help with music production then what you need to seek out is a producer. There are those who you can pay who will work with you on bringing your ideas to life. The cost varies and sometimes if you need help writing you can offer a split of the writing and master track.