- free backup solution for music projects

Blend has released desktop app (similar to Splice) that allows to backup music projects for free:
Though I still use Dropbox to backup everything

Hi Mike, I checked it out. Do you know anyone who has used this? And if so, what their experience was? I’m on a PC with Cubase. Don’t want to install it yet, but debating…



I don’t know anyone who’s using it right now. I still use good old Dropbox to keep all my work safe (as it keeps not only music projects but all other files and my sample library that i can access from iOS apps or any other device).

But… it is part of Roli company now. And I love everything Roli makes. And all the companies they acquired start doing great things :slight_smile: So I believe it is pretty good and should do the job.

I looked into it, it seems great when you want to share/sell stems… for backup I still will continue to use G-suite wich gives me 1TB for 9.99 per month and other features such as having my domain’s email address go via Gmail servers which I really like and many other features which I don’t use yet.