Subscriptions, subscriptions

Propellerhead launched $10-$20-$30 /month subscriptions for Rack Extensions - which is pretty cool I think - you can select new plugins each month.
iZotope with Splice announced Rent-to-own: $15/month for Neutron 2 + Ozone 8
Waves has kind of subscription (expensive one)
Of course Slate is no brainer for $15/month
Softube Volume 1 - $15/month
Eastwest - best orchestral library - $25/month (totally worth it I think)
Roland cloud - $20/month
Splice - $10/month
Serum Rent-to-own via Splice - $10/month

MeldaProduction is about to launch one…

Who’s next? UAD with $100/month for everything? Plugin Alliance?
What do you guys pay for monthly?

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I don’t think UAD will get involved because the DSP hardware is really what makes it and you can’t rent that. unless of course they virtualize DSP. I rent Slate but own UAD, Izotope, Waves, East West, Serum, etc. I don’t personally care for the subscription deal because at the end of the day you own nothing and you will end up paying way more in the long run. I especially don’t like waves update plan because now we basically pay for a service that use to be a given, that if you buy software the company will continue to support it. I guess the positive is that’s why waves slashed its prices by such huge amounts though, making their plugins affordable. or maybe it was because everyone was just running the Waves Complete v. rips anyhow and they were forced into it : )

I think UAD could do similar and offer things like ‘3 months free’ with the purchase of a quad, or 5 months with an Octo. The problem for them is how much that then positions their ‘brand’ alongside others that they would currently consider inferior offerings. They do offer the ultimate bundle so there thinking isn’t miles away from the rental space in terms of having an ‘everything’ package.

In terms of what I do, I have Slate on rental and everything else bought. For me it is about how many months before I would have paid for all of the parts I would have otherwIse bought. So, looking at the total cost of ownership. Like @sight says on rental you have to keep paying as you only own it for the month, until next month and the next. With Slate, I could see they were continually adding things. That has to be a big part of the rental argument.

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I have slate plugins haha they are great , also serum

It will be great that UAD do the same with oxford and studder :frowning: