How to make a beat groove with Maschine?

I’ve used Maschine for years, but the thing is that it’s super hard to get an organic human kind of groove. The beats always feel stiff, static and robotic. Do you guys have any suggestions? Are there other better alternatives maybe?

I have tried messing with the velocity and swing, but that just doesn’t do it.

  • Sorry if this is off topic. Couldn’t find and production categories.

Hmm there should be a production topic here for sure! There are so many things that can be done. First not using quantizing or relaxing the grid. Using Swing etc. I usually create my grooves but then pull them into the DAW. Then will apply various velocities parameters or swing. I will apply different groove pools to different instruments. I have been using a Euclidean generator on things like hats or perc to generate random parts that change in velocity and swing and sometimes pitch.

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Could you recommend a Euclidean generator VST?

I use Ableton a lot and love one of the generators in there but it is for Max4Live. One VST Euclidean Generator that I am using is the Hornet HATEFISh RhyGenerator

I don’t know anything about this one but it looks fun and is free!

I’ll start with the HATEFISh - thanks again BBM